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Who is Yorkminster

Stakeholder Communications?

Yorkminster Stakeholder Communications is a consultancy led by Adam Walker, a communications specialist with over 25 years of experience in the field.   

Adam began his communications career in film and television, holding a series of progressively senior roles that culminated in the position of associate producer on the Tamarack Productions series Ribbons of Steel.


He then worked in corporate communications for a dozen years, primarily creating print publications for national and international companies. His clients included corporations such as Dundee Precious Metals, Stolt Sea Farm, Gordon Food Service (British Columbia), Eton Shirts of Sweden, Weston Bakeries, Crane Supply, and CanWel.


Those clients had operations across the country and around the world. To meet their needs, he developed and managed a global network of freelance writers, photographers, editors, and translators. Together they produced work in French, Spanish, Armenian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Tagalog for audiences from Asia to Argentina, Vancouver to St. John's, and throughout Europe.


In 2008, he began communications consulting for Kimberly Woodhouse, the dean of what was then Queen’s University’s Faculty of Applied Science. Dean Woodhouse eventually asked him to establish a marketing and communications unit at the faculty, hiring him as the director of marketing and communications in 2009. 


As the director, he successfully established and managed a marketing and communications department, including a team of internal and external suppliers, to support the faculty’s goals and ensure the satisfaction of its stakeholders. 


Now, Adam has returned to consulting with a specialized focus on supporting colleges and universities. 

He knows first-hand that post-secondary institutions can often be highly decentralized places, and takes pride in his ability to build bridges and relationships. Whether persuading tenured faculty members, managing unionized employees, mentoring students, connecting with passionate alumni, he understands how to communicate with key stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Why choose Yorkminster

Stakeholder Communications?

We specialize in helping post-secondary institutions to build stronger, longer-lasting, and more mutually beneficial relationships with their key stakeholders.

From tenured professors and researchers, to current and prospective students, to funding bodies and alumni, we have a deep understanding of each of your unique stakeholder audiences.


And with more than a decade of experience working with post-secondary institutions, we have a proven track record in creating and implementing turnkey communications programs that connect with those stakeholders.


Our core team is lean, agile, and customer-focused, allowing us to provide agency-level quality while offering unparalleled value for our clients. And we bring a vast network of on-demand creative partners in countries across the world.

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